By Kim Hankins, Executive Director Meadows Standardbred Owners Association

Dear MSOA members,

We are at a critical juncture of our legislative process. We are asking you to forward or mail the attached letter to your Senators and Representatives as quickly as possible to help affect their support of PA racing and breeding. There is legislation in play that can, if enacted, will directly affect the revenues to racing and breeding in Pennsylvania. A legislator locator is attached for you to find contact information for your individual legislator. Your industry needs Your help.

Here is the link for you to find your House and Senate members and their addresses to mail your letter:
Feel free to copy and paste the following template for your letter:

Dear Senator/Representative ________________:

RE: Protect and Support the Race Horse Development Trust Fund

As Governor Shapiro and Lawmakers in the General Assembly consider reforms to the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development & Gaming Act, we urgently seek your support to protect the Race Horse Development Trust Fund (Fund).

The reduction in slots revenue has significantly impacted this vital Fund, jeopardizing the sustainability of Pennsylvania’s horseracing and breeding industry. This industry is a major economic driver, supporting 23,000 jobs and generating a $1.6 billion annual economic impact across sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. Additionally, annual tax revenues total $68.8 million, with $721 million spent each year on capital expenditures, wages, salaries, and goods and services within the state.

To address this issue, we propose establishing a balanced mix of percentages from all sources of gaming to prevent further cannibalization of the Fund. By diversifying funding streams and ensuring a fair distribution of revenues from expanded gaming sources (including online gaming), we can safeguard the future of the horseracing and breeding industry in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, we ask for your support in permanently reverting current diversions from the Fund for the Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory System ($5.309 million) and the State Fairs ($4 million) – totaling $9.309 million per fiscal year.

Efforts to enhance live horse racing and breeding in Pennsylvania have yielded broader successes, benefiting the state’s agriculture sector and preserving green and open spaces. To ensure the long-term viability of this industry, it is crucial to maintain the integrity and support of the Fund.

As a proud member of the Meadows Standardbred Owners Association, I urge you to support measures that prevent the further cannibalization of the Fund. Your vote to include a balanced mix of gaming revenues will be instrumental in sustaining our industry and its substantial economic contributions to the state.

The next few weeks are critical to the future of horseracing and horse breeding operations in Pennsylvania. Your intervention in this urgent matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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